OMNI Mining

Why OMNI Mining?

Omni Mining was founded by a group of experienced miners and IT professionals. We decided to mine on an industrial scale rather than just mining as a hobby. As our operations grew friends, family,  and even people we just met casually in everyday life started asking us how they could get started mining and how it all works.

These conversations led us to create the cloud mining platform for Omni Mining. We enable everyone to profit from the Blockchain Revolution. When we first stared at looking into Cloud Mining we were disappointed in a lot of websites we came across. Some cloud miners had extremely high priced mining packages, others had hidden fees, and others promised one thing but delivered another. It seemed like a bit of a mess to us.

When we created our Cloud Mining platform we focused on one thing and one thing only, YOUR profitability. Without our clients making money there is no value in cloud mining, it is just that simple.Omni Mining provides maximum mining profitability to our clients by keeping operational costs low and hashpower high.

However we did not just stop at keeping costs low. At Omni Mining, we invented and then perfected ProfitMax Technology. Our mining system will automatically mine what ever is the most profitable coin to mine based on the package(s) you purchased. This ensures that you will always mine the most profitable coin and greatly enhances your return on investment.

ProfitMax is not just an “auto switching” algorithm as it is based off machine learning and it evolves and learns what is the most profitable based on many factors (we do not disclose the factors as this technology is proprietary). This feature, available to all of our clients, can significantly boost your profits with just the click of a button in the User Control Panel.